Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Some Impressive Packaging Designs by Different Brands

Good packaging design acts as a persuasive factor that surely helps in increasing the number of sales. Today’s world is the world of competition where you can’t even survive if you lag behind your business opponents. So, if you have developed a good design for the packing of your product, you are definitely going to get half of marketing task done.

Nevertheless, there is another challenge regarding an increasing amount of waste that is playing its part in polluting the planet. The major portion of this entire world’s waste consists of discarded packaging. The best way here is to design such packing of products that could be used for decoration purposes, especially in the current scenario when people have generally got a lot of packaging supplies already present in their homes.

In this article, we are going to mention some very impressive packing designs which are being used by different brands.

CS light bulbs

The best thing about these bulbs, produced by Belarus based company CS, is that the bulbs tend to fit in the packaging designs. Bulbs are meant to illuminate a wider space, so getting the bulbs out of this beautiful packing would be inevitable. However, if your requirement doesn’t involve lighting up a wide area, you may not need to remove the packing.


Assigning different colors to a wide range of products in order to make those products distinguishable from the viewpoint of their sizes is a sensible move. Anagrama introduced this brilliant idea that worked great. This color ‘tagging’ is especially helpful for the customers who intend to buy the complete set of products of different sizes.


The foods processed and packed by Kallo are not only organic but they give good taste too. The packing of Kallo’s products has been redesigned by a marketing company’ Big Fish’. This new design is a little old fashioned but it suits the product so well that customers love it more than its previous design. The printing on this packing is really worth paying attention to because it’s pretty different than other conventional packing designs.


It would not be wise to hide the caramels inside a packing so Karamelleriet came up with this amazing idea that maintains company’s effort to display brand information and the product inside the packing.


Designed specifically for men, this packing possesses the beauty and classic look that certainly requires admiration. Packed in this box are the personal items that men with classic taste prefer to keep all the time. The box is made of plain wooden crate with a sliding lid that uncovers the items. Surely, it’s the box that couldn’t be thrown away even if the items are used up.

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